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Connecting with (your inner) wise women.
Guest editorship for the website Transition Network. Artwork, interviews and articles. June/July 2017.
Post 1 (video)
Post 2 (interview and artwork)
Post 3 (interview)
Post 4 (artwork and words)
Post 5 (artwork)
Tu Abu Project.
Connecting with your inner wise woman (or man). Letters from your own Abu (abuelita o abuelito). Contact me if you want to participte :)! Planning on starting to spread posters etc. too:).


Current projects

>70 (Más que setenta).


Project aimed at making visible and getting to know, the voices and thoughts of elderly women on life and death.

-Part of the expo “Margen” of SeAlquila November 2016 - Madrid

-Exhibited at: Pasteleria Tartela, March-April 2017 - Barcelona

Mujeres en círculo.
Project focused on the connections between women and the connection we have with ourselves. Part of artist residency at La Paternal Espacio Proyecto.
Exhibited in Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 2016.
Past projects
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