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About Me

Hi! I am Steph. I make things. I love working with people, and create things with wool and words.

In general  I always have some social/art projects in my mind, which tend to have a focus on connecting and seeing the humanity in people.


I am trained as a researcher and currently finishing my PhD in Psychology. Besides that I just finished my Master's in Art Therapy, which in a way has also been an excuse for me to start exploring my more creative side. In Buenos Aires I had the chance to do my very first art project ‘Mujeres en círculo’: a combination of written words and woolwork expressing connections between women. It then continued with ‘Más que setenta’: a project focused on the elderly generation of women and their thoughts about life and death. Some months ago I as lucky enough to be chosen as one of the guest editors for Transition Network with my theme‘Connecting with (your inner wise) Women’.


Last year I lived in Barcelone but I recently moved back to The Netherlands (to be able to finish my PhD), my work so far has often been in Spanish and English. I am always open to nice projects, collaborations, ideas, or just to have a coffee and exchange thoughts! Any question or comment: please feel free to contact me:).

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